About US

We aim to bring the best & Natural Skincare, Hair care & Make-up solutions to Pakistan at affordable prices for all. We believe Nature has provided man with best Natural resources to enhance health & beauty – the most economical & best possible solutions lie within these naturally occurring herbs & plants surrounding us. MARTHA TILAAR has brought their products & EARTH Natural Handmade Facial wash bars to your doorstep.


MARTHA TILAAR is the number one brand in INDONESIA – products are manufactured in Indonesia but developed and researched in their laboratories in FRANCE & GERMANY.

MARTHA TILAAR puts Natural Ingredients to its best use with Science in Skincare, Hair care & Make-up products especially formulated and developed for Asian skin type/tone & climate.

Asians being an ethnic minority in European and other countries – our skin type (Asian) is not researched or catered for in these countries by top global brands. Some companies do work on Make-up for Asian skin but hardly any for Skincare products.

Also their environment & climate is very different to ours thus their products will protect & nourish in their climate appropriately but not ours – also our lifestyle is different than the European’s.

Whereby MARTHA TILAAR especially develops Skincare, Hair care & Make-up products for Asian skin, developed to cater for us in our tropical climate, fight free radicals and Make- Up developed for the Asian pigmentation. MARTHA TILAAR is constantly at work looking to improve their products.

As with our EARTH Natural Handmade facial bars are being imported from Thailand have been carefully selected to cater to common skin problems – developed with natural ingredients to work in our environment. We have carefully selected the one’s with Core ingredient is closer to home example Turmeric, Ginger, Green Tea etc. These being handmade are not developed using the traditional readymade Soap bases – which have been known to be drying/irritating to facial skin.

We as a society – both men & women have yet to realize that not everything that comes from abroad is brilliant and will give us results promised on the label. Hardly anyone around will talk about the origin of the product it’s ingredient’s benefits & side effects.

As a consumer we must make informed decisions about our purchases as we have started to in other walks of our lives especially when these products will affect the appearance of our skin immediately and in years to come– we must learn to ask

  • “Why the label does not have ingredients listed?”
  • “Where is the product being manufactured?”
  • “On what grounds do our famous bloggers access the products being reviewed?”

Numerous social media pages can be found demonstrating how to cover up skin imperfections with Base after base but no one discusses the root problems – why the persisting acne, skin dull why – why change the skin color? Self Grooming should be taught on the lines of feel confident in what you are – no matter what the skin colors a clean skin will make you feel good & look good.

There so many Social media pages – that show you how to cover up flaws with different make-up sticks rather than offer a long term solution!

Make-up should be used to cover up imperfections not to make you look 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Hair problems should be sorted without harmful chemicals doing permanent damage to your hair – not only straight & sleek is good – curly hair are equally beautiful – proper nourishment & care can make all hair types attractive.

Why cover up with tones of base when something can be done to improve the skin condition permanently. Neither do we need to run to a Dermatologist for minor skin problems – e.g Acne, Uneven skin tone, very dry skin etc.

Dermatologist should be a very last resort once all over the counter/shelf remedies have been tried and tested.

The other side of the Skincare regime we practice very religiously being where we are being told how to get flawless skin by the use of simple ingredients from our kitchen – well Yes agreed that these were the simple homemade remedies our Grandmother’s lived by and worked well for them – but our times have changed – our lifestyle, our climate, our food and more.

Look around in the existing market and one will see more Make-up and decorative solutions being imported from abroad than Skincare – people will buy the most expensive brands – which do not work for our skin tone /pigmentation rather than enhancing it turns us ashy and Grey.

We lack basic information about our skin – majority of women I have come across do not know how to identify their skin type accurately as outbreak of Acne we will run to Dermatologist – after effects of my Beautician’s miracle treatments – let Laser sort it all out.

At Martha Tilaar’s we aim to create awareness among our people about skincare health, regime and what are good & bad chemicals, how to read the ingredient label & the latest innovation, developments in fields of skincare.

Our company is taking an active initiative to create awareness through our Face book & Instagram pages and You Tube channel. Attempting to define various Skincare products, there functions & uses.

Subscribe to our social media pages & You Tube channel to make informed decisions when purchasing your Beauty essentials.

Our favorite quote which describes us best; “I am often asked if my Company & I sell Make-up? The answer is No! Here’s why – I sell dermatologist developed, clinically proven, premium skincare products for men & women of all ethnicities. Your skin will feel so fantastic; you will not need to cover it up. Go with SPF, lip gloss and your glowing skin!”